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Going Green Kahala Elementary February 4, 2023 9am-11am

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Going Green Collection Team

GOING GREEN E-Waste Recycling
Saturday February 4, 2023 9am-11am / Kahala Elementary 4559 Kilauea Avenue

GOING GREEN will provide free recycling of e-waste like computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and a limit of 1 TV per car. You can recycle only lead acid batteries (car/boat batteries), HI-5 plastic and aluminum beverage containers, used eye glasses and hearing aids, usable clothing, prom dresses, women’s business apparel and accessories, blankets and towels for pet clinics, and canned goods for the Hawaii Food Bank.

The public can drive through all event’s parking lot, and be greeted by cheerful and helpful volunteers who will unload vehicles of donations of recyclable materials, knowing that nothing goes into the landfills.  So exciting, gratifying and planning Earth is Happy!


Computers, monitors, printers, scanners ● One TV per car ● ONLY PLASTIC & ALUMINUM HI-5 beverage containers ● BATTERIES -ONLY AUTO & BOAT- LEAD ACID BATTERIES ● Usable clothing only for United Cerebral Palsy ● Used eye glasses and hearing aids for Hawaii Lions District 50 ● Prom dresses, accessories for Bella Project ● Canned goods for Hawaii Food Bank ● Pet food, towels, blankets for Poi Dogs and Popoki / Oahu SPCA ● For Free towing of unwanted cars, call (808) 291-6151


Metal ●Tires ● Paint ● Microwave Ovens ● Cooking Oil ● Motor Oil ● Ink Cartridges ● Toners ● Hazardous Fluids ● Cardboard ● Paper ● Plastics ● Wood ● Bulky Items ● No Household Items, Only Clothing The Going Green Community Recycling Clean-Up Program started in 2012 which evolved after 8 successful years starting out as Aloha `Aina Earth Day in 2004, and now in its 18th year of providing FREE RECYCLING EVENTS.

Going Green - Saturday February 4, 2023 9am-11am
Going Green – Saturday February 4, 2023 9am-11am
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