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Storm Drain Marking, Mariners Cove

Storm Drain Marking

Storm Drain Marking is a simple volunteer activity that involves marking storm drains with a placard that sends a message to the community to keep pollutants out of the storm drain system. It’s an excellent opportunity to educate the public about the link between the storm drain system and water quality to help deter littering, excess fertilizer use, dumping, and other practices that contribute to nonpoint source pollution and urban runoff. – (from City & County of Honolulu)

The Hawaii Kai Lions successfully installed 74 storm drain markers as a reminder to keep municipal drains clear of trash and debris throughout the Mariner’s Cove neighborhood in Hawaii Kai.

Summited by Allen Umeda

A dozen Lions Club members and volunteers spent Saturday morning, March 25 marking storm drains in Mariners Cove with medallions imprinted with messages to discourage the dumping of harmful chemicals. The markers help to remind residents to avoid using chemicals that can reach storm drains and harm the ocean, which we sometimes overlook as one of our most precious natural resources in Hawaii.

Tasks included cleaning the area to attach medallions at the storm drains, applying adhesive to the medallions, then affixing them to the storm drains. We recorded the locations of the marked storm drains and reported them to the City and County of Honolulu Storm Water Quality Division, which supplied the materials for this project.

Many thanks to the volunteers who joined this activity including Hawaii Kai Lions Club members, Frances Lum, Cynthia Chun, Kendrick Chang, Alvin Hayashibara, David Iwana, Marja Leivo, Bill Kern, Allen Umeda, prospective new member Trevor Yee, CIS Lynn Yee and Tony Ishibashi, and guest Bruddah Sean Benito from the Hilo Crescent City Lions Club.

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