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Walmart’s Wellness Fair

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Wallmart Wellness Fair

WALMART’S WELLNESS FAIR January 14, 2023. This Wellness Fair had taken place at various Walmart locations where health services such as free vision screenings and vaccinations are offered by Walmart staff. District 50 Lions are called to help with encouraging Walmart shoppers to stop by the health tables AND to assist with health promotion efforts.

The purpose of this event is to promote wellness in the community by encouraging shoppers to take a few minutes from their shopping trip to take care of themselves by getting their vision checked, receive this year’s flu vaccine and educate the public about diabetes via provided resources (brochures, pamphlets and etc).

** Lions’ main duties are to help with diabetes education via brochures / pamphlets and encouraging shoppers to stop by the health tables (f.e; vision and vaccination tables- which will be conducted by Walmart staff).

Photos by Lion Thomas Palmer (Keeaumoku, Mililani, Kunia, and Kapolei locations)

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