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87th District Convention “Best of the Best” Pics

Traffic Awareness

What was YOUR best experience from this year’s convention? Please show us!! We’re looking for photos from attendees to share on our Hawaii Lions of District 50 Facebook page. Accepting photos till this Friday 5/5/23.

Simply do the following:

  • Send us your top 3 most awesome photos. It can be whatever
  • Name your photo file(s) with “member first & last name, club name (no need the words “Lions Club”), file 1, file 2, or file 3)”
  • Click this link to Dropbox
  • While in Dropbox, Click the tab “Upload files”
  • Copy and Paste the files into the folder
  • Pau!

After the 5/5/23 date, everyone’s photos will be available on the D50 Facebook page.

Mahalo for your photo submissions!

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