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Emergency Preparedness page

To: District Governor Eric Nordemeier
Region Chairs, Zone Chairs, Club Presidents

From: Lion Rene Mansho Chair, Emergency Preparedness Committee


Aloha Fellow Lions,

It's a new year for emergency preparedness planning and the State Dept. of Civil Defense would like to include the Hawaii Lions in a new pro-active measure as we strive to serve our community's needs.

Gyotaku Restaurant – Honolulu
1824 South King St.
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 – 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Guest Speaker; Mr. Ed Teixeira, Vice Director, State Civil Defense
"Community Partnership for Emergency Preparedness Planning"

Please send a representative from your region, zone, or club to our first quarter meeting of the year.

The State Civil Defense Dept. is seeking comprehensive community participation through various organizations.

RSVP by Sept. 1: to Lion Rene via e-mail: RMansho@schn.com or call: (808) 306-1876.
Mr. Ed Teixeira and Lion Rene are available to help schedule EPP activities and to meet with your Lions.

In the meantime, remember to prepare your Emergency Preparedness Kits which include food, water, and survival supplies in times of disasters and emergencies.

For more information, please go to: www.hawaiilions.org.


Emergency Preparedness Plan Project
Currently, this project is still in development by the committee. In the meantime, please utilize the following resources. All supporting content is provided by its respective services, direct your questions to these references.
Weather Control Panel & Resource Links
Click for Honolulu, Hawaii Forecast National Hurricane Center - Central Pacific
Hurricane Preparedness
Hawaii State Civil Defense Family Disaster Plan
US Geological Survey - Hawaii Disaster Supply Kit

MRE from Six Eagles Hawai

All About Hurricanes Earthquake Home Preparedness
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Mission Statement

In this challenging world of global terrorism, homeland security, extreme natural hazards, and human suffering, the members of the Lions Clubs International District 50 will provide immediate and timely assistance to our neighbors and communities in preparing for, during, and in the aftermath of such critical emergency situations.


All District 50 clubs are invited to participate in the “EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN COMMITTEE“, to collectively develop the “LIONS INTERATIONAL DISTRICT 50 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN,” which will establish a clear and integrated process where the Lions Clubs can interface with emergency response agencies.
Participating Lions Club Members will partner with community emergency response teams to develop Zone Plans and/or community emergency preparedness plans such as: “REGION I, ZONE I EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN”, or a basic “EMERGENCY SHELTER TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT PLAN”.
Lion Members shall have their own Emergency Preparedness Plan Kit which consists of a home survival kit, evacuation kit, and first aid kit.
Develop programs to assist Hawaii’s Special Needs population in the event of emergency evacuation procedures.
Opportunities to Serve: “Adopt a Shelter”, “Adopt a Care Home”, “Retrofitting of Emergency Shelters Project”, “Ho`opono Center for the Blind”, “Shelter in Place”, “Lions Volunteer at State Civil Defense HQ”, Red Cross Ham Radio Operators, Security, Cooking, Medical Assist,”Lions Public Awareness
Campaign to Enlist Organizations”, “Lions Outreach Plan for Home Visits", ”Summit for Care Givers”, “Disaster Recovery Assistance Centers.”
Establish a District 50 Phone Tree for the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN. Invite all Region Chairs and Zone Chairs to assist.


Ready to serve? When your Club is ready, contact Zone Chair Rene Mansho – Ph: (808) 306-1876

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