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Image of the MERLO team"MERLO has been renamed as GLT/GMT.Click here to learn more about this exciting change.

“The Mission of the MERLO Team is to be the primary resource for the Lions Clubs of District 50, to improve the activation and retention of existing members, to enhance leadership skills, and to increase our membership through recruitment of new members and formation of new clubs.”


Proud Lion Award 09-10

Proud Lion Too Award 09-10


The acronym MERLO stands for Membership, Extension, Retention and Leadership Development. These four chairpersons form a team, identified as the MERL Team. Sometimes a fifth chairperson, Orientation is included.

Overall Concepts for discussion

  1. MERLO Team committees are here to assist, encourage, educate and motivate regions, zones, and clubs
  2. What can the MERLO Team do to help your clubs be more active and effective in serving their communities?

II. Brief comments from team members on pertinent activities to date

Membership – Lion Robert Lee
Extension – IPID Maurice Kahawaii
Retention – Lion Bruce Kimura
Leadership – Lion Kathryn Chung
Orientation – Lion PDG Cecelia Izuo
Public Relations – Lion Irwin Santos
Family and Women’s Development – Lions Aileen Deese and Denise Werle

III. Open Forum
Region and Zone chairs inform team members and others regarding needs, successful activities, etc.


1st VDG Chris Tamura

The MERLO team is committed to the growth and development of clubs and members in District 50. We try and accomplish this by being a resource to all clubs in need of developing programs within the club and developing members as leaders in our Clubs, Zones and District.  As leader of the MERLO team, I am committed to engaging discussion with each club and offering the assistance of the various committees of our team.  Below is a brief statement by each of our Committee Chairpersons.  Please utilize our services so we can continue our District growth and development and ensure our legacy as the premier volunteer organization in Hawaii.





To the Lions of District 50 Hawaii:

Aloha! We start a new year with “A Vision with Passion” under the able leadership of District Governor Chris Tamura. Let us utilize some of that passion to increase membership, for greater numbers mean a greater impact in our schools and the communities we live in.

The great philosopher Frank Delima, in a letter “to the Class of 2010”, reflected on rice. In essence, “that whole empires, entire dynasties have been built and fortified on” this humble starch. “One grain, by itself is nothing. But many grains together – that’s greatness! Rice holds the world together. Be part of the world. Be part of the future. Eat rice.” Let’s make a giant Lions musubi!

“JUBILEE 75” will be our motto and goal for the year. To celebrate the 75th District Convention to be held in May of 2011, a net gain of 75 members for our “diamond” jubilee. Let’s work to make that happen.

To address and achieve these goals, the committee encourages all the clubs in the District to emphasize the history and “Legacy” of the Lions of Hawaii as we prepare to celebrate our milestone convention, as well as the 85th year of Lionism in Hawaii. I ask each club to consider scheduling at least one “Legacy” event this year, showcasing our great history and playing the “We Serve, The Legacy of the Hawaii Lions” dvd to a new audience. Let’s generate our own legacy with another new generation of Lions.

We also continue to acknowledge the importance of sponsorship in the recruitment of new members, by maintaining the “Proud Sponsor” campaign we started last year. The “Proud Sponsor” pin will again be awarded to the sponsors of two or more new Lions during the year. Twenty-five (25) Lions where recognized as “Proud Sponsors” this past year.

As always, the MERLO team is here to help you and your clubs recruit, educate, retain and grow.
To expand our outreach and at the invitation of the respective Regions, the Committee will conduct sessions on Kauai on July 31, the Big Island on August 14 & 15, and Maui is tentatively scheduled for October 9, 2010. Mahalo to Lions Bruce, PDG Roy, Kelvin, Harvey, Dr. Cedric, Leo and others for making this happen.

We continue to stress that membership growth (or loss) is dependent upon each clubs willingness to provide an environment conducive to recruiting and retaining new members. Resources and information are readily available to all clubs through the MERLO team and on-line on the LCI website. We(’re here to) Serve!

Lion Bob Lee
Chair, Membership Development Committee
District 50 Hawaii

The committee’s goal for fy 2009-2010 is “65/65”. A net gain of 65 new members to recognize the charter of District 50 Hawaii’s 65th club – “the Mana-Loa Nimitz Lions Club”, which chartered in July, 2009. The committee, along with other members of the MERLO Team, is here to assist any club in the District that needs help in recruiting new members.

The Membership Committee will be conducting a District “Proud Sponsor” awards program for those who sponsor more than one cub during the year (see below link for details)


IPID Maurice Kahawaii

As the new extension chairperson 2009 - 2012 in District 50 Hawaii, my goals will be to organize our first Family Membership Club with a cub program. Also, to charter a lunch Lions Club of business minded individuals in the Kaloko area of the Big Island.  We will continue to explore the possibilities of forming new clubs within District 50 as the opportunities presents itself.




The Retention Committee is here to assist all clubs in keeping our most valuable resource, our existing members.  The key to District 50’s membership growth is retaining our members and engaging them in meaningful community service.  Please contact us if your club would like our committee to help develop retention programs within your club.  We are here to help and serve you.


The goals of the Leadership Development Team are to provide opportunities for Lions to improve their leadership skills and to provide for the future leadership of the District. All Lions are encouraged to participate in the District Leadership Forum on November 14, 2009, the Lions Leadership Institute on January 16-18, 2010, Officer Training at the District 50 Hawaii Lions Convention on April 30 and May 1, 2010, and the Leadership Academy, a series of Leadership Seminars to be held throughout the year. Leadership training sessions in each Region or Zone are encouraged, and the Leadership Development Team is willing to provide whatever assistance is needed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for training.


PDG Cecelia Izuo

The Orientation Committee is here to assist clubs in thoroughly and properly indoctrinating new members.  We encourage new members to participate in Orientation that will build a solid foundation and understanding of who we are as Lions.  We will continue to promote the Proud Lion Award and are introducing a new Proud Lion Too award.  See the above link for qualifications and forms.  We have also developed a new District 50 Orientation power point presentation for clubs to customize and use.  To download the presentation, click on the “New Lion Orientation” link on the left banner.  We are here to help you so please utilize us as a resource.


Aileen Deese

Our committee will be very active in the coming year building District 50’s membership with many new women and family members. We will be participating again in the Hawaii Women's Expo on  September 11-13 at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall and we need lots of Lion members from clubs all over Oahu (and even neighbor islands if you want to fly in to help that weekend.) to assist in manning our booth.


Denise Werle

We are developing public awareness material that will bring attention to the growth and development of women and family membership in Hawaii Lions.  Future workshops are being planned and we would love to hear your input on how we can design them to meet your needs.  Please contact us if we can help your club or if you have any questions or concerns.




Irwin Santos

Public Relations will seek maximum exposure through several media venues to include television, radio, printed news, and online media. In regards to MERLO, emphasis will be stressed on public awareness of Lionism and the agenda will be tailored to inspire new membership. Several Public Service Announcements will be crafted for just this purpose and will be available 3rd quarter for television broadcast. This will be a key vehicle in addition to other strategic press tactics.


To contact any of the MERLO Chairpersons, please refer to your District 50 Directory

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