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members area family and womens membership development page

Our Mission

Recruit more families and women to join District 50 Hawaii Lions Clubs.

Our Objectives

We focus on increasing the membership of women and families through the development of a list of specific actions that clubs may use to promote this membership. In addition, we have designed and procured promotional exhibit and print materials to encourage women and family participation.

Action Plan

· Promote membership in Lions at various women's public events throughout the state.

· Upon request, provide FWMDC committee members as guest speakers at club meetings.

Some Interesting Data We've Collected...

When targeting our membership drive efforts, there appears to be a sweet spot with women in the 41 to 50 years old age group. Their volunteer hours output appears to be roughly twice or better than that of any other age group. (This is not to say that we will only target this age bracket.) Women in the 41 to 50 years old age group in Hawaii are likely to be working mothers with mostly older children. This is also an age where they are likely to develop a greater sense of giving back to their communities. The average volunteer hours drop by roughly half when they move beyond 50.

The membership attraction message should include an emphasis on the effectiveness of working as a productive and social team of Lions to improve our community. These women could be located and qualified at public events and then invited to regularly scheduled recruitment meetings with attractive presentations and generous support materials explaining Lions clubs. Such meetings could be staffed with a predominance of Lions able to explain the roles of women lions and a list of events in which the potential Lion may participate, to get her enthused. These Lions should be very capable of socialization, and it is recommended a woman Lion pick up and escort the potential Lion to the meeting.

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